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Avast/AVG CloudCare Product Family

From: SI$157.00

From: SI$317.00 / year

Allow 24hrs.

From: SI$157.00 / year

1-4 weeks

From: SI$248.00 / year

Secure Web Gateway

Block access to bad websites, downloads, and locations to prevent attacks from harming your network or stealing any data.

Patch Management

Automatically scan your devices to find vulnerabilities and deploy patches for thousands of Windows and 3rd-party applications.

Managed Antivirus

Deploy our award-winning Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus software to ensure all devices, data, and employees are protected.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Avoid costly downtime with a range of backup and recovery solutions that protect files, applications, servers, and more.

Content Filtering

Increase productivity and block access to malicious websites and online distractions to keep employees safe and productive during their working hours.

Email Security

Securely communicate inbox to inbox with public encryption keys that are retrieved and distributed transparently for easy encryption.

Secure Internet Gateway

Provide reliable, advanced protection against web and internet threats across all devices and locations.