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Internal SNMP (PSSNMPV4) Coms Card with EMD port


1-4 weeks

The SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) card allows the UPS to be directly
connected to the network, without the need of a local computer. Furthermore, the SNMP card
contains an integrated web server CPU, allowing the IT Manager to view and control the UPS
and power events with any standard internet browser. This card is easily configured for virtual
machine environments such as VMware and HyperV.

Monitoring and flexible configuration settings accessed via Web Browser.
PSSNMPv4 MIB file freely available for third party SCADA monitoring
Simultaneously monitor and manage multiple SNMP cards with
PowerShield SNMP Multi View
• Automatically detects and exchange 10M/100M Fast Ethernet.
• Supports DHCP server assigned IP address or static IP address settings
• Supports wake-on-LAN function.
Supported protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP V1/V2C/V3, SMTP, SNTP, HTTP,
HTTPS, SSL, SSH, IPV4/IPV6, DHCP, AES-128 CBC data encryption.
Operating Systems are shut down by PSSNMPv4 with Shutdown Wizard,
or by PSSNMPv4 alone in SSH Client supported Operating Systems.
Event notifications via email or Trap.
128MB flash memory with 32MB data and 32MB event logs. More than
200,000 threads each, including UPS warnings, faults and EMD warnings,
operation data logs from web users or SNMP MultiView users. All data
stored safely without loss even when power failure occurs.
• Supports daily reports for event log and data log.
• Scheduled UPS on/off and battery test.
• Supports EMD monitoring of temperature and humidity.
• Equipped with real-time clock to record log with time and date and will
continue running up to 7 days without power connected.
• MODBUS TCP Server.


Ethernet port (10/100Base-T)
Sensor port/data transmission port
Edge connector
Ethernet port status LEDs                                                             Jumper setting to restore default setting