S3 Cloud Object Storage [annual subscription]


Allow 72 Hours for setup/config

Storing your data in the cloud is easy with our S3 storage.  Call us today and we will make sure you are setup with everything you need to backup and share your data without the hassle of external backup drives or an expensive server or NAS.

Use our S3 storage for:

  • Data storage
  • Data archiving
  • Application hosting for deployment, installation and management of web apps
  • Software delivery
  • Data backups
  • Disaster recovery (DR)
  • Running big data analytics tools on stored data
  • Data lakes



Everything You Need at a Fraction of the Cost

S3-Compatible API

Our S3 API makes it easy to move your data to and from S3 (our API follows the well-established S3 standard). All you have to do is change credentials and URLs in your applications.

Always-On DDos Protection

We automatically detect and mitigate DDoS attacks, so your files are always protected and always available whenever you need them.

Guaranteed Redundancy

We use triple-replication data protection to ensure redundancy and security (you can always access your data even if one of the redundant servers becomes unresponsive). Also, our object storage runs in high availability mode by default.

Works Well with Any Server

Contabo’s object storage complements any server setup you have, so you can avoid vendor lock-in and scale your storage as you need. And if you need servers with the best price-performance ratios, then check out our high quality VPS and beefy dedicated server plans.

Full Control of Data Location

Your files and data are secured with guaranteed confidentiality. You decide where you want your data stored (at any of our three Object Storage Regions), and you can move your files with our S3 API. Note that we will never move your data to another country without your explicit, written consent.

Link Sharing

You can share links to stored files and manage public access to each file as needed.

Auto-Scaling Limit

You can set caps on the max amount of monthly data growth to make sure your next bill won’t surprise you.

Web UI for Easy Management

The web UI for object storage makes file and bucket management easy with a few clicks and drag-and-drop functionality.

ACL Management

With access control list (ACL) management, you can add users and set access controls to object data via web UI or the our API.


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